Jenna Rifer

Dr. Rifer is a 2016 graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science as well as a 2021 graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln/Iowa State University Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine. She is originally from a little town in Northeast Nebraska called Verdigre. She loves learning, interacting with others, solving problems, and she has a strong sense of compassion. Dr. Rifer enjoys being able to serve her community as a veterinarian through the promotion of both public and animal health, and especially through the enhancement of the human-animal bond between her clients and patients. Additionally, she is currently a Fear-Free Level 3 Certified Veterinary Professional, a Fear-Free Avian Certified Veterinary Professional, and has completed the Human-Animal Bond Certification Program by the NAVC and the HABRI.

Dr. Rifer is a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cocker Spaniel Mom,” and currently has three rescued Cockers of her own: Violet, Sage, and Comet.  She also shares her life with her significant other, Zack, three ferrets (Oliver, Penelope, and Nash) as well as two bunnies (Piccolo and Zucchini). Just as all her pets are rescued, Dr. Rifer is an animal rescue advocate, and she enjoys helping pets of all species along their journey by fostering them until they find their forever homes.